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An Investigation into the Daily Lives of Undergraduate Students

**PLEASE NOTE that this study is conducted virtually, and you will not need to come to the lab to participate**


Are you an undergraduate student over the age of 18 with a smartphone, data plan, and North American phone number

You may be eligible to participate in a study examining the day-to-day experiences of undergraduate students.

We are interested in the various emotional and behavioural experiences that occur across a person’s day and how emotions and behaviours may relate to one another, both in everyday life and in an experimental setting.

You will be asked to have two video-calls with a trained research assistant, complete questionnaires on your smart phone for 10 consecutive days, and complete computer tasks and questionnaires online after the 10-day survey period. 


You can receive up to $125 for the smartphone portion of the study, as well as $20 for the experimental portion.

If you are interested, please fill out this prescreening survey:

If you are eligible to participate, our study coordinator will contact you to arrange a time for the video-call (full eligibility will be determined via the online prescreening survey).

*This study is only offered in English*

For more information about the study, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via email.

Biology, Behaviour, and Binge Eating in Women

La biologie, le comportement, et les orgies alimentaires chez les femmes

(514) 398-2328

Please note that participant recruitment for this study is currently ON HOLD due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

Veuillez noter que le recrutement des participants pour cette étude est actuellement EN ATTENTE en raison des circonstances entourant COVID-19.

Are you a woman between the ages of 18-60 years who has times when you eat a very large amount of food and feel out of control when eating?  

Êtes-vous une femme âgée entre 18-60 ans qui éprouve des moments où vous mangez une très grande quantité de nourriture et que vous vous sentez hors contrôle en mangeant?

If you have experienced binge eating over the past 3 months, you may be eligible to participate in a study that aims to identify biological and behavioural markers that relate to the frequency and severity of binge eating in women. 

The study involves two 5-hour visits to the lab. The first visit involves completing clinical interviews, tasting four foods, and having your height and weight measured. The second session (scheduled to start between 11AM and 2PM) involves eating a meal before completing several physiology tasks that measure your reflexes. 

Compensation for participation in both sessions is 200$.

To find out if you are eligible, please take our screening survey at:

For more information about the study, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via email.

Si vous avez éprouver des épisodes d'hyperphagie boulimique au cours des 3 derniers mois, vous pourriez être éligible à participer dans notre nouvelle étude qui a pour but d'identifier des repères biologiques et comportementaux liés à la fréquence et la gravité des orgies alimentaires chez les femmes. 

Cette étude se déroulera au cours de deux rencontres de cinq heures dans notre laboratoire. Lors de la première rencontre, vous participerez à des entrevues clinique, gouterez quatre aliments et nous vous measurerons et pèserons. Lors de la deuxième rencontre, qui débutera entre 11-14h, vous mangerez un repas puis complèterez quelques tâches physiologiques mesurant vos reflexes.

L'indemnisation pour la participation aux deux rencontres est de 200$.

Si vous êtes intéréssée à participer, veuillez répondre à notre questionnaire d'éligibilité au:

Pour toute autre information à propos de l'étude, n'hésitez pas de nous contacter par téléphone ou via email.

(514) 398-2328

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